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 Rules for Roleplaying

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PostSubject: Rules for Roleplaying   Wed Jan 02, 2008 10:47 pm

1. No Godmodding...therefore a radio did not just appear from the sky or what not.

2. No Powerplaying...it's not nice to play other peoples' charries.

3. SPELLING COUNTS!!!! Grammar is also important.

4. At LEAST 3 paragraphs, a paragraph equals 5 sentences, PER post. One liners will be punished immediately.

5. Keep to the standards of each race.

6. You may create your own race as long as it involves some sort of shifting.

7. You do not need me to make your own threads...though knowing me...I'll probably want to play. lol.

8. There are only 2 Mystics available per mythical animal.

9. Unlimited Weres and Shifters...but please be original.

10. In character problems do NOT go out of character.

11. Have one thread for all your characters.
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Rules for Roleplaying
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