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 Suki's Characters

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PostSubject: Suki's Characters   Suki's Characters Icon_minitimeThu Jan 10, 2008 8:41 pm

Name: Fayne

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Race/Species: Were

Power: Can shift from human to animal form (animal form is a horse)

Appearance: Human: Fayne is about 6'0" tall, her eyes are bright green and seem to reflect more light than the eyes of most creatures. Her skin is clear and tanned, and her hair is down to about her chest, and is long, wavy, and caramel blonde with subtle golden hilights. She's curvy but thin at the same time, her walk is bouncy and cheerful. She wears a strapless metallic green dress that fits perfectly to her body down to her waist and flows away gracefully down to her knees.

Horse: She's a fairly large horse with a caramel brown coloration, her mane is longish and the same color as the rest of her but subtly hilighted with golden tomes. She has golden stocking markings up to her knees, and a gold star marking on her head. (I might have pics soon)

Personality: Fayne is a troubled girl, she tries to act lighthearted but she has some burdens she hides from the world. Outwardly she'd alwats fun and uplifting, the kind of person who is annoyingly cheerful at first but grows on you after a while.

History: *working on it, I'll edit it i later, maybe tomorrow*

Roleplay Sample: *I'll edit it in once I've finished her history.*

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Suki's Characters
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