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 The Races

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PostSubject: The Races   The Races Icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2008 9:29 pm

Lifespan: The normal human lifespan.
Society: Works on a human basis.
Appearance: The Human can have any natural color eyes, hair etc. The animal can be any natural color and any natural species.
Personality: Variable
Powers: The Weres are what we typically think of when we hear of shapeshifting type beings. They go from human to animal, no middle forms. They can have wings if the animal they turn into has wings.

Lifespan: The two animals that it can turn into combined.
Society: Depends again on the animal.
Appearance: The base color is always a natural color of one of the animals it turns into. The variable, sometimes unique markings, can be any color under the sun. Their eyes generally tend to be the lighter or darker version of the markings.
Personality: Variable
Powers: The Shifters go from animal to animal. However, a predator can only turn into a predator, and prey into prey. Wings are only seen in the shifting birds.

Lifespan: Immortal
Society: Variable
Appearance: Depends entirely on the mythical animal that it is.
Personality: Variable
Powers: Mystics can change from human to natural animal to their mythical being. Unlike Shifters, who have to stay within their stage in the food chain, Mystics can jump the ladder. Depending upon their species, they can have various powers.

Mythical Creatures Allowed
Hellhound *Link*

Note: You may notice only a few Mystics are allowed. This is because I will only allow those I trust to play them.
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The Races
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