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PostSubject: Suevans   Suevans Icon_minitimeMon Jan 07, 2008 6:36 pm

Owned By: Hiydon
Race: Were-ish
Species Name: Suevans
Lifespan: 75-80 years
Types/Ranks: Scout: Those who's animal form are birds.
Warrior: Those who have the form of a large predator, such as lion or bear.
Guardians: Those who's animal form are wolves or Rams (Male Mountain Goats)
Royals: Those whose animal form are albino animals.
Appearance: Human form: All have glowing blue (Male) or green(Female) eyes. They can vary in height, weight, or hair color. Skin color is usually pale, though some have been known to be darker.
Animal form: This varies between individual, though they keep their original eye color. If any are albino, they are considered royalty.
Personality: They are suspicious of Weres, usually openly hostile (See history). To shifters, they are mild tempered but still somewhat suspicious. Most have never before encountered Ceraves.
History: Over 100 years ago, the city of Blue Sun was created, not too far from Red Moon city, and was on the same Island. At first the two races were peaceful, but due to cultural misunderstandings and greed for land led these two peaceful civilizations to go to war. Being outmatched and outnumbered, the Suevan people had little chance. They fought valiantly, but the Weres were just too formidable, and they were utterly defeated. The Suevans secretely migrated to an island inhabited only by animals. It was a snowy land, and was bitterly cold. The Suevans adapted and built a hidden city, named for their ruined city, Blue Sun city. There they live in peace, and constantly strive to explore and understand their land. Though Weres know about this island, they consider it uninhabited and a barren wasteland. Due to modernization, the Weres mostly forgot about the Suevans, and their only stories remain in seldom-read history books in almost abandoned libraries.

The Suevan people named their Island Eis Insel, meaning Ice Isle in German.
Other: These people often explore other islands around their home. Only very recently have they discovered the Sangue Island, and they do not yet know of it's inhabitants.
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